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Biosphere reserve

Learning laboratories
for sustainable development

564 sites in 109 countries (2010)

Biosphere reserves are sites of excellence for testing
innovative approaches to sustainable development where
scientific knowledge and governance modalities are
combined to:

- Reduce biodiversity loss;
- Improve livelihoods;
- Enhance social, economic and cultural conditions for
environmental sustainability.

Of special importance are the involvement of local
communities and the participation of all the interested
stakeholders in the planning and the management of the
entire area.
Biosphere reserves seek to integrate the three main functions:

- Conservation of biodiversity and cultural diversity;
- Economic development that is socio-culturally and
environmentally sustainable;
- Logistic support for research, monitoring, environmental
education and training.

Each biosphere reserve is divided in three main zones:

- Core area: for conservation, monitoring and nondestructive
- Buffer zone surrounding or adjoining core area(s): for
activities compatible with sound ecological practices;
- Transition area: for activities where stakeholders work
together to sustainably manage the area’s resources.

Biosphere reserves serve as learning and demonstration sites
within the framework United Nations Decade of Education on
Sustainable Development.

They offer valuable contribution to the achievement of
Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), in particular the
MDG7 on environmental sustainability.
Within the World Network of Biosphere Reserves,
information, experiences and ideas are shared and exchanged
at sub-regional, regional and international level.

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